Expert Registry

A big help to the Transition Coordinating Council and the overall transition effort. Thank you for taking the time to share your expertise. - President George W. Bush

Since 1997, the White House Transition Project has combined the efforts of talented scholars to smooth out the American presidential transition. They have assisted presidential campaigns, presidents-elect, and new administrations.

Having relied on a range of experts to produce its two institutional series, the White House Transition Project now makes available the registry of those experts.
Key on Contact information: home phone(h), cell phone(c), and office phone(o).

WHTP Resources include:

General Transition Information

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Institutional Memory
(specific office briefings)

Chief of Staff Charles Walcott
Staff Secretary Karen Hult

Kathryn Dunn Tenpas
Communications Martha Kumar Press Secretary Martha Kumar
Management & Administration Charles Walcott National Security Advisor John P. Burke
Counsel Karen Hult

Nancy Kassop
Personnel David E. Lewis

James Pfiffner
Public Liaison Joseph Pika
Legislative Affairs James Thurber

Hoover To FDR transition

Transition Quote:

Even though you put a tremendous amount of thought and work into the transition, when you’re actually sitting there and understand the power is now in your hands, it’s an awesome sense of responsibility.

- Mark Siegel, WHTP interview

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