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Please note: The White House Transition Project is a non-partisan effort to smooth the presidential transition and the presidential appointments process. To find useful information on the process for securing an appointment in the administration, refer to "A Survivor's Guide for Presidential Nominees." This easy to read guide accompanies WHTP's Nomination Forms Online software. You can get the guid at:

Survival Guide for Presidential Appointees

Please do not send any requests for jobs within the new administration to any of the addresses listed below.

For additional information, you can download a briefing packet or you can contact the WHTP staff:

Martha Joynt Kumar, Director
410.704.2955 (w)


Terry Sullivan, Executive Director
919.962.0413 (w)
919.962.0432 (fax)


For technical website issues, please contact webmistress@whtp.org.
For general program help or information, please contact whhelp@whtp.org.

Permission to cite freely from these materials is granted provided the following credit is retained: Taken from the White House Transition Project archives, www.whitehousetransitionproject.org, ©1999-2008.