Organizing the WHTP
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Advisory Board Members:

Program Information

Martha Joynt Kumar
Towson University


James MacGregor Burns
University of Maryland

George C. Edwards, III
Texas A and M University

John Fawcett
John Fawcett & Associates

Fred I. Greenstein
Princeton University

Michael Grossman
University of California, Berkeley

Erwin Hargrove
Vanderbilt University

Stephen Hess
The Brookings Institution

Karen Hult
Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Lawrence Jacobs
University of Minnesota

Charles O. Jones
University of Wisconsin

Barbara Kellerman
University of Maryland

Samuel Kernell
University of California, San Diego

John H. Kessel
The Ohio State University

Paul S. Light
The Brookings Institution

Frank Mackaman
The Dirksen Center

G. Calvin MacKenzie
Colby College

James Pfiffner
George Mason University

Richard Pious
Barnard College

Bert Rockman
University of Pittsburgh

Georgia Sorenson
University of Maryland

Terry Sullivan
University of North Carolina

Shirley Anne Warshaw
Gettysburg College

Stephen Wayne
Georgetown University

A Tribute to Richard E. Neustadt

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Supporting Institutions:

Staff Directory:

National Archives & Records Administration
Office of Presidential Libraries and


Harry S Truman Library
John F. Kennedy Library
Gerald R. Ford Library
Jimmy Carter Library
Ronald W. Reagan Library
George H. W. Bush Library

Towson University


Department of Political Science
Office of the Provost

Rice University


The James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Department of Political Science
School of Information and Library Science - the People's Library

White House Transition Project


Martha J. Kumar, Director
Terry Sullivan, Associate Director

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