The White House Transition Project mounted its first transition effort for the American Presidency beginning in 1997 and intended to assist the 2001 presidential transitoin. The resources included on this page reflect that work. If you have reached this page because you requested resources for the 2009 transition that we have not yet completed, please look through these resources for assistance. In almost every case, the materials here will provide useful information. And please keep checking with the main website (whitehousetransitionproject.org) for timely updates. For all other general resources, whether from 2001, 2004, or specifically for 2009, see our main website.
Permission to cite freely from these materials is granted provided the following credit is retained: Taken from the White House Transition Project archives, http://whitehousetransitionproject.org, ©1999-2008.
This series provides the essential information needed to assure a smooth transition. Reports in this series detail organization and operations in a range of offices critical to a properly functioning White House. These reports rely heavily on the extensive interviews conducted by WHTP's White House Interview Program, an innovative program that has given practitioners a useful way to pass on their experiences to those that follow, regardless of party. The institutional memory series office descriptions detail basic organizational structures, as well as typical work routines, identify what those who have done the job commonly think has worked and what has not. In addition, these reports come with a series of detailed organizational charts covering the operational evolution of the office every six months typically from the Nixon administration through 2000.
The series for 2001 includes descriptions for each of seven offices critical to White House operations: The series for 2001 also includes organiational charts for each of the seven offices in Zipped files:

A shortcut to the Institutional Memory Series, The White House World gathers and digests the same material provided to the Bush White House staff in 2001.

White House World
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